Dear Actionmarguerite Residents and Families,

We are glad to share with you today that the outbreaks on 2AB, 2C and 5AB at Actionmarguerite St. Boniface and the outbreak on Unit 2 at Actionmarguerite St. Joseph have been declared over. General visits can resume on these units effective immediately.

Declaring an outbreak allows our care teams to put the measures in place to help prevent the further spread of an illness. Our outbreaks can be due to COVID-19, the flu, the common cold, or any other upper respiratory illness that are currently circulating in our community. The infection prevention and control measures are the same for all of these illnesses. The outbreak status is as follows:

Actionmarguerite St. Boniface Outbreaks





General Visits suspended on these units

Actionmarguerite St. Vital – No current outbreak

Actionmarguerite St. Joseph – No current outbreak


As a reminder, please note the following:

Family presence and visiting

Essential visitors are welcome to visit affected units at their own risk. All visitors must wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment as directed by the front entrance screener and unit nurse for their protection.

General visitors are asked to defer their visit during outbreaks to prevent the further spread of illnesses. It is important to minimize the number of people on the unit who can unknowingly spread infection through contact with residents and the environment. Our goal is to return to regular visitation as soon as safely possible.  We ask that you convey this message to your friends and families who are general visitors and occasionally visit your loved one.

Short stay absences and social leaves

Short stay absences and social leaves are on hold until the outbreaks stabilize. Should you wish to explore a specific circumstance with a member of our care team, please reach out to your unit’s Manager of Resident Services or Social Worker. We ask for as much advance notice as you can provide to consider specific requests. This allows for the necessary consultation and planning for everyone’s safety.

Resident support on the units during outbreaks

The WRHA Infection Prevention and Control protocols are adhered to as follows:

  • The movement of residents is limited to their unit, as much as possible. This is for both residents who are ill and those who are not. This is an important measure during an outbreak as it is possible to be infected and able to spread infection even before symptoms appear. This measure aims to reduce the risk of further spread of infection, particularly among residents from other units.
  • For residents who do not have symptoms, group activities, and communal dining continues on the unit.
  • For residents who have symptoms, personalized recreation activities, mobility exercises, and spiritual care services are offered and made available as best we can.

Help us limit the duration of these outbreaks by not visiting your loved one if you are ill, even mildly, by washing your hands or using hand sanitizer frequently and by wearing the protective equipment we provide when you do come to visit.

It is important that we mitigate the spread of these viruses as they can cause severe illness and even death for residents who are more susceptible. Your continued collaboration is needed so that together we can offer residents the support and care needed throughout these outbreaks.

With regards,

Micheline St-Hilaire, Chief Executive Officer and the Actionmarguerite Team