Care Facilities

Actionmarguerite currently provides care and services for the elderly and for persons with complex health needs at five locations. We also manage two foundations and provide opportunities for involvement through our volunteer program and auxiliary group.

Actionmarguerite Saint-Vital

450 River Road
Winnipeg, MB R2M 5M4
Telephone: (204) 254-3332
Fax: (204) 254-0329

Personal care
Dementia care
Beds: 154
Employees: 220

Actionmarguerite, located at 450 River Road in St. Vital, is a home for francophone seniors requiring personal and long term care services. The programs and services are uniquely adapted to a Francophone milieu and provide a culturally sensitive experience to our residents.

Established by the Grey Nuns in 1988 (under the name Foyer Valade), the home is a provincially designated site, offering services in French to Manitoba’s francophone community. Prior to 1988, it was also known as Foyer Saint-Boniface.

Actionmarguerite Saint-Boniface

185 Despins Street
Winnipeg, MB R2H 2B3
Telephone: (204) 233-3692
Fax: (204) 233-6803

Personal care
Dementia care
Adults with complex health needs
Acquired Brain Injury
Day Program
Beds: 299
Employees: 525

Actionmarguerite, located at 185 Despins Street in St. Boniface, is a bilingual long-term care facility providing a range of services to seniors and adults with physical disabilities and loss of autonomy.

In 1935, the Grey Nuns established Centre hospitalier Taché Nursing Centre, until recently referred to as Taché Centre. Our mandate is to serve Winnipeg’s Francophone population and deliver regional specialized services in three specific areas: dementia care with related behaviours, complex and chronic care, and care for those who suffer from an acquired brain injury. We also provide respite care and an Adult Day Centre for seniors and adults living in the community who can benefit from social interaction in a group setting.

Actionmarguerite St. Joseph

1149 Leila Avenue
Winnipeg, MB R2P 1S6
Telephone: (204) 697-8031
Fax: (204) 697-8075

Program: Personal Care
Beds: 100
Employees: 150

Actionmarguerite, located at 1149 Leila Avenue, commonly known as St. Joseph’s Residence is a personal care home serving a culturally-diverse elderly community in Northwest Winnipeg. The home was founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph in 1923 and operated as St. Joseph’s Hospital on Salter Avenue. It was then transferred to the Benedictine Sisters in 1973 who proceeded to build a 100-bed personal care home at the current location.

Actionmarguerite Supportive Housing

Actionmarguerite provides supportive housing services to the elderly in St. Boniface at two locations. We offer a range of services that contribute to the residents’ autonomy and to an overall better quality of their life. The programs at Chez-Nous and Windsor Park Place are affordable and subsidized based on income.


187 de la Cathédrale Avenue
Winnipeg, MB R3E 1C4
Telephone: (204) 231-9532 or (204) 231-9534
Fax: (204) 231-9439

Suites: 24
Employees: 15
Owned by: Accueil Colombien

Windsor Park Place

875 Elizabeth Road
Winnipeg, MB R2J 3K6
Telephone: (204) 416-0052
Fax: (204) 416-0053

Suites: 24
Employees: 17
Owned by: Manitoba Housing


Actionmarguerite appreciates the generous donors and contributors who share the common vision of its Foundations and endowment funds. The Actionmarguerite Foundation and the Friends of St. Joseph’s Residence are both charitable organizations whose sole purpose is to support the mission, mandate and objectives offered by their programs and services. Contributions and donations are used in promoting initiatives to improve residents’ quality of life and living environments. For more information or to donate, please see our Donate Now page.

Actionmarguerite Auxiliary

Actionmarguerite also benefits from the generosity of the Actionmarguerite Auxiliary. Formerly the Ladies Auxiliary, this benevolent group of dedicated and committed women continue to promote and support fundraising activities through their gift shop at 185 Despins Street in St. Boniface. The proceeds and the sale of items in the gift shop contribute to addressing residents’ needs and to fund special occasion activities.