Resident Care


Registered Nurses (R.N.), Registered Psychiatric Nurses (R.P.N) and Licensed Practical Nurses (L.P.N.) are on duty 24 hours a day. Nurses coordinate care plans and health care team activities, administer medications and provide special treatments recommended by the interdisciplinary care team.

Trained Health Care Aides (H.C.A) provide personal care and work under the direction of a Registered or Licensed Practical Nurse.

The Chief Nursing Officer and Director of Resident Services, the Assistant Director of Care and the Manager of Resident Services provide leadership, direction and support to the health care team.

All questions regarding care needs are to be directed to the nurses on duty on the unit.

Physician Services

Each Care Unit has a designated attending Physician who visits on a weekly basis as needed. Physicians assist residents based on the preliminary assessment of the nurse on the unit. On-Call services are provided on evenings, nights and weekends by a group of physicians with privileges at Actionmarguerite.

Residents (and their families, if appropriate) are kept informed of any diagnosis or new treatment plans in accordance with the Resident’s Declaration of Rights and Responsibilities. Physicians are available to attend prearranged team conferences or family meetings in special circumstances.


Actionmarguerite’s rehabilitation team consists of physiotherapists and occupational therapists who support residents and encourage them to remain as independent as possible. These professionals also assist the nursing team in adapting care plans as a resident’s physical needs change.

Rehabilitation Assistants also carry out prescribed rehabilitation programs, on a priority basis, under the direction of Actionmarguerite’s Registered Occupational Therapist and/or Physiotherapist.


The Pharmacists at Actionmarguerite provide expertise on the appropriateness, side effects, storage, administration and potential interactions of medications. Pharmacy Services are offered by an external provider contracted by the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority.

Manitoba Health pays for most medications as long as the attending Physician orders them and they are eligible drugs. All ineligible drugs, remedies or supplements, vitamins and alternate healing methods must be approved either by the nursing team or by the attending Physician and are the resident’s (or their family’s) financial responsibility.


As an alternative to going outside the facility, Actionmarguerite offers on–site dental services provided by the Centre for Community Oral Health, an initiative of the Centre for Community Oral Health (University of Manitoba). Manitoba Health does not cover this service. Consequently, payment is arranged directly with the HDCP.

If preferred, residents may choose to visit their previous dental service provider.

Foot Care

A certified foot care specialist provides foot Care services on site. The service is available on a weekly basis and must be requested. Costs are not covered by Manitoba Health, but may be covered in part by private health insurance such as Blue Cross.