The Family’s Role

We welcome family participation

Families are a vital part of what we do at Actionmarguerite. We encourage families to visit, to take part in activities, to communicate care needs, to help in feeding if required, and to advocate. In short, to do all the things families would do, regardless of where their loved ones are living.

Residents’ Council

Family members are encouraged to be part of the decision making process at Actionmarguerite. The Residents’ Councils allow for dialogue between residents, families, staff and administration. Each council meets a minimum of five times per year from September to June. If you are interested, talk to one of our social workers.

Resident Care Conferences

Resident Care Teams (nurses, aides, social workers, spiritual care chaplains, dietitians, recreation and rehabilitation professionals) meet regularly to review each resident’s Care Plan and to ensure that the Plan is suited to their individual needs. Care Conferences are held at least once a year and more can be added as a resident’s health condition changes. Physicians do not usually attend Care Conferences unless required.

Families can help during conferences by supporting their loved ones, by voicing concerns if residents cannot do so themselves, and by sharing observations with the Care Team.