Policies and Standards

Actionmarguerite is proud to be at the forefront of care delivery in Manitoba. We provide services to residents and their families in an environment that promotes a culture of hospitality, respect and diversity. We succeed in doing so by being committed to excellence and innovation, and by adhering to, and implementing important policies and standards

Policies set the foundation for the delivery of safe and effective quality care, and offer guidelines to help everyone understand roles, responsibilities and decisions.

Standards ensure consistency, expectations, and conditions for practice, while also providing a benchmark for quality measurement and improvement.


End of Life Care

Medical Assistance in Dying
Following the Supreme Court of Canada decision on medical assistance in dying (MAID), federal legislation has enabled physicians and nurse practitioners to legally provide medical assistance in dying to patients who are eligible.

Since legalization, Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living along with health care providers have worked to create a balance between patients’ rights to access medical assistance in dying and health care providers’ rights to religious freedom.

What Actionmarguerite Believes
The intentional ending of human life through medical assistance in dying is contrary to Catholic ethical teachings and to the position of our owners, the Réseau Compassion Network.

As a result, Actionmarguerite will not provide MAID services in our personal care homes.

We will, however:

  • Provide full support to our residents (and their families) at the end of life.
  • Respectfully and compassionately engage with our residents and their families in supporting informed decisions about end of life care, including quality palliative care and pain management.
  • Continue to provide excellent spiritual and emotional support at the end of life, in accordance with our values and traditions.

Actionmarguerite will also respond to residents who inquire about and/or request access to medical assistance in dying. And we will respectfully engage in conversations about a resident’s expressed “desire to die”.

If deemed eligible by provincial MAID services, Actionmarguerite will work with a resident that wishes to proceed with a decision of this kind, their family and the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, in facilitating a safe and timely transfer to an alternate setting that provides medical assistance in dying.

If you require a copy of our policy, email us at info@actionmarguerite.com


It’s important to us to foster an environment where best-practice standards and measures are adhered to. Just like hospitals and universities across the country, we are monitored by outside bodies to ensure that our residents receive the very best care and services.

Our staff strives to meet and exceed Accreditation Canada’s national quality standards for long-term care and Manitoba Health Standards for personal care homes. We group our accommodations and care programs according to resident needs and their required level of care. Our team has the training to adapt care strategies and services as the needs of the residents change.

Accreditation Canada

Actionmarguerite programs undergo an independent, national certification process on a regular basis in conjunction with the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority. Our staff, facilities and policies are reviewed by Accreditation Canada to ensure we are meeting best-practice standards established for long term care and other clinical programs. Visiting surveyors note our strengths, evaluate our progress and recommend areas for improvement.

Manitoba PCH Standards Review

Personal Care Homes (PCH) operating in Manitoba must also meet the provincial government’s standards of care. Within these standards are a number of performance measures to guide staff training and policy development. The Manitoba government conducts on-site reviews of each Actionmarguerite facility every two years.

Before the Minister of Health will grant a PCH its operating license, all standards must be met, or remedial action taken to meet these standards. The License to operate a PCH is issued for the calendar year and is posted in a public location at the entrance to the home.

For more information, read about the standards of care.