Resident Services

Spiritual Services

People of all faiths and beliefs are welcomed at Actionmarguerite. As a Catholic organization, Actionmarguerite provides Catholic services and sacraments. Our Spiritual Services programming also includes:

  • Inter-denominational worship
  • Smudging/Sweet grass ceremonies
  • Memorial services
  • Other activities designed to promote the personal well-being and the quality of life of our residents and staff.

Our Spiritual Care Chaplains are available to visit individual residents upon request.

The resident’s own parish priest/pastor/spiritual advisor or rabbi is always welcome to visit at Actionmarguerite. Whenever possible, residents are encouraged to continue to participate in their community parish or place of worship, providing arrangements can be made by the residents and/or their families.

Social Work

Social Workers are assigned to specific Resident Care units and work closely with other team members to ensure that residents and their families receive the support and assistance they need. Social Workers also coordinate admissions and financial and social matters for Actionmarguerite residents.

Residents may contact their unit Social Worker for assistance at any time.

Recreational Services

Our Recreation Workers and their volunteers offer a broad range of activities, varying them according to residents’ interests and needs. Families are welcome to participate in and accompany residents to activities.

A monthly calendar of activities is posted on each unit and on the main floor of each of our sites.

Volunteer Services

Identified by their name tags, dedicated Actionmarguerite volunteers enhance, expand and enrich the existing services offered to residents in all areas of care.

If you’re interested in volunteering, visit our Volunteer page.

Gift Shop

The Ladies Auxiliary makes a difference in the lives of our residents. By maintaining a gift shop at our Actionmarguerite personal care home location in St. Boniface, they raise funds to enhance residents’ surroundings and their quality of life. Gift shop hours of operation may vary.

Ladies Auxiliary members are devoted and enthusiastic volunteers. A personal commitment to the comfort and well-being of others is at the heart of all of the Auxiliary’s activities.

Are you interested in supporting Actionmarguerite residents? Why not join the Ladies Auxiliary and give the gift of your time?


Hairstyling services are offered at all of our personal care homes on a daily basis. Because Actionmarguerite does not directly employ the hairstylists, residents are responsible for compensating them either directly or through their Actionmarguerite trust account.

Business hours and contact information are posted at the hair salon.


Our rooms and common areas are cleaned and sanitized regularly. Cleaning of personal items such as fridges, cabinets and hutches in the residents’ rooms is the responsibility of residents and/or their families.

All cleaning products used at Actionmarguerite meet institutional and environmental standards. Residents and families may not bring outside cleaning products, sanitizers or air fresheners to the facilities. We make every attempt to provide a scent-reduced environment to residents, families and staff.

Clothing is laundered and delivered to the residents’ rooms on a weekly basis. Actionmarguerite staff labels all residents’ items (at minimal cost). Items that require special care can be dry-cleaned at the residents’ expense or be cleaned by family members at home. We are not responsible for lost clothing.

Should family choose to launder a resident’s clothing, a washer and dryer are available on certain care units.


The Registered Dietician at Actionmarguerite will complete an assessment upon admission and ensure nutritional and special dietary needs are met. The Dietetic Services provide residents with three meals and two snacks per day.

Maintenance and Safety

The Maintenance Services at Actionmarguerite are responsible for building as well as equipment upkeep to ensure resident safety.

We must examine all resident-owned electrical devices and equipment for safety hazards. Scooters owned and operated by residents are not permitted at Actionmarguerite. If safely operated by residents, powered wheelchairs meeting specific dimensions are accepted only if recommended by our Occupational Therapists.

Our facilities hold monthly fire drills and fire safety plans are posted on each unit.

Financial Services

While residents and/or their families retain control over their financial affairs, they can set up a trust account with Actionmarguerite’s Resident Financial Services Office to cover the cost of sundries (toiletries) and personal services (hair care) purchased on-site. A monthly fee is incurred for Financial Trust Funds Services provided to residents. Money cannot be kept for residents at the nursing stations.

Volunteers are available from Age and Opportunity Support Services for Older Adults to help prepare Income Tax returns. Arrangements are the resident’s (or advocate’s) responsibility.


Residents may install television, cable and internet services in their rooms in accordance to each site’s policy. In addition, phone services are available at a minimal cost. Newspaper and magazine subscriptions may also be maintained. Residents or their families are responsible for all costs associated with these services.


Resident mail is delivered to each room during regular Canada Post operating hours. Outgoing mail may be given to the unit nurse or taken to the receptionist on the main floor. Stamps may be purchased on the main floor in the Gift Shop.