$100,000 – $999,999

Cropo, Sir Thomas

Actionmarguerite Auxiliary

The Grey Nuns of Manitoba Inc.

$50,000 – $99,999

Ghislaine Lacerte Fund

Missionary Oblate Sisters of St. Boniface

Stefanick, Mr. and Mrs. Robert

$25,000 – $49,999


Catholic Health Corporation of Manitoba

Cropo Funeral Chapel Ltd.

Bélanger / Girard, family of

First General Services (Winnipeg) Ltd.

Grzesiak, W.

Les Amis de Valade Inc.

Les Charités Dorais Inc.

Ratkowski, Mr. D.

The Winnipeg Foundation

Ursuline Sisters of Tildonk Inc.

$10,000 – $24,999

Asselin, Marcel, family of

Brengman, Remi

Caisse Financial Group

Combaz, Fernand, estate of

Goodman, Dorothy

Joe Brain Foundation Inc.

KPMG LLP Financial Advisory Services

Les Amis du Centre Taché / Friends of Taché Centre

Loiselle, Léo, estate of

Manitoba Community Services Council Inc.

Marshall, Jim and Roseline

McDonald, Ms. Clara Agnes

The Thomas Sill Foundation Inc.

The Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Company

$5,000 – $9,999

Bélanger, Bernard

Brodner, Ms. Trudy

Canadian Million Dollar Round Table Foundation (P.I. Campeau RHU, EPC, sponsor)

Cherewyk, Olga, estate of

Cropo, Mr. Edward

Deschenes, Angèle

Desharnais, Henri, in memory of

DeVriendt, Ms. Sonya

Dionne, David

Engel, Mr. Bernard

Émilie Jauron Foundation

Glowacki, Mr. and Mrs. Edward

Grey Sisters of The Immaculate Conception

Guild of St. Joseph’s Residence

Holmes, Ms. Catherine

Knights of Columbus Manitoba

Larsen, Mr. and Mrs. Morton D.

Laurin, Émile

Laurin, Alma, Maria and Émile, family of

Sisters of the Saviour, the charity of

Loveday Mushroom Farms Ltd.

Lyon, Charles J.

Ragot, Albert

Roy, Camille

Sisters of the Saviour

Taché Pharmacy

Taylor McCaffrey Barristers & Solicitors

Thompson, Ms. Mary

United Way of Winnipeg

Webb, Donald E., in memory of

$1,000 – $4,999

Alain J. Hogue Law Office

Alarie, Paul, family of

Allard, Adrienne, in the memory of


Arbez, André and Gertrude

Archidiocese of Saint-Boniface

Aron, Jack and Trudeau-Aron, Aline

Arpin, Hélène Joyal

Astra Credit Union

Attends Healthcare Products Inc.

Babick, Dr. and Mrs. Taras and Patrusia

Balasko, Anne

Barnes, Mr. and Mrs. G.

Bartley, Arthur and Margaret

Baudry, Father Raymond, in honour of

BDO Financial Services

Beaudette, (Champagne), Rose-Almée

Beaulieu, Rose-Marie and Philippe

Bélanger Pp, Abbé Bernard

Bernard, Cécille and Clément

Bilodeau, Aline, family of

Blanchette, Lucille

Bohémier, Joséphine and Gaston, family of

Boisjoli, Léo, family of

Boulet, Marie-Louise

Cadorath, Gerald J.

Canadian Charitable Foundation

Care, Ms. Christine

Caron, Charles and Fleurette

Carter, Casimir

Catholic Foundation of Manitoba

Ceridian Canada Ltd.

Chaput, Amélie and Georges

Chaput, Lucien and Thérèse, in memory of

Chartier, Paul, in memory of

Checkwitch, Mr. Stephen

Checkwitch, R.

Clemente, Fernando

Cloutier, Alice

Cloutier, Gilbert, Lorraine, Georges and Irène

Cloutier, Marie

Comeau, Angélina and Victor, in memory of

Comeau, Lucien and Lorraine

Comeault, Charles and Émélie

Congrégation des Filles de la Croix

Courcelles, Jean-Paul and Patricia

Courchaine, Lévis, in memory of

Cyr, Noël

d’Eschambault, Gilbert and Elsie

Damphousse, Clémentine, in memory of

Damphousse, Henri and Marie-Marthe

Decka, Mr. Brian

Delaquis, Dr. Hubert

Delaronde family

Denysuik, Brian and Stella

Deschenes, Joseph, in memory of

Desharnais, Elisa, in memory of

Dick, William and Madeleine, in memory of

Dionne, Aline, in honour of

Dionne, Thérèse, in memory of

Dorge, Alma

Dorge, Aurèle, estate of

Druwé, Georges and Simone

Duhamel, the honorable Ronald, in memory of

Dumont, Yvonne, in memory of

Dupuis, René and Roma

Elie, J.; Trottier, Berthe; Hervo, Yvonne; Renaud, Marc, in memory of

Fabro, Mr. Sam

Fedchuk, Mrs. Mary

Ferguson, Mr. and Mrs. Jim

Ferland, Gilles, and Beaudry-Ferland, Lorette

Ferré, Eugénie and Marcel, in memory of

Foidart, Aurèle and Diane

Fontaine, René and Colette

François, Dr. José and Madame Theressa

Galpin, Len

Garand, Jeanne, the children of

Gilfix, Mrs. Violet

Gobeil, Angèle and Jean-Paul

Goethals, Blanche and Lionel

Graham, Archie, in memory of

Grela, Stephanie

Grela, Ms. Mary

Guay-Lafortune, Georges, Eugénie, family of

Hamelin, Lise

Henley, John

Hnatiuk, Mr. George

Hollins, Mr. and Mrs. G. B. and Loretta

Huot, Ray and Rita

Iskierski, Mrs. Dominik

Iwanuck, Mr. and Mrs. Peter

Iwaskiw, Anna, estate of

Klinger, Mrs.

Kossey, Mrs. Alice

Kost, Mrs. Joyce

Kotyk, Ms. Mabel

Kulachok, Mrs. Pauline

La Liberté

Landry, Alfred and Margaret

Lapointe, Irène, in memory of

Laurencelle, Alain and Francine

Laurencelle, Alain L.J.; Roy, Rod; Palamar, Jeff

Le Gal, Simone

Le Moing, Louis and Antoinette

Leclerc, Adrien and Eva

Legal, Yvonne

Lejeune, Roger, estate of

Les Sœurs des Saints Noms de Jésus et Marie

Locke, Wanda

Loewen, David and Marie

Lussier, Henri and Clara, in memory of

Mackow Custom Machine Service Ltd.

Magnussen Residential Furniture

Manzanilla, Mrs. Julita G.

Masko, Mr. Steve

McFarlane, Mr. John

McMillan, Mrs. Gertrude

McRitchie, Mr. and Mrs. A.

Million Dollar Round Table

Misericordia Health Centre

Molgat, Dr. André and Madame Luce

Monnin, Alfred, family of

Mousseau, Camillia

Muzyka, Mr. and Mrs. Peter

Nemethy, Ms. Balazs

Niedermayer, Mr. and Mrs.

Norwood Hotel Co. Ltd.

Onyski, Mr. and Mrs. N.

Painchaud, Roland and Mika

Paper-Pak Canada

Partridge, Ms. Barbara

Peoples Co-operative Ltd.

Picton, Georges and Muriel

Picton, Muriel

Poirier, Joseph and Marie-Thaïs

Préjet, Lorraine L., in memory of

Priests of Saint-Sulpice

Prince, Philippe et Yvette, family of

Radul, Phyllis

RBC Foundation

Régnier, Rachelle

Régnier, Solange

Rekem, Msgr. J.

Rémillard, Léo

Reynolds, Anna Lebrun & William

Richards, Ms. Kathleen

Ristock, Yvonne

Rogoski, Ms. Charlene

Roy, Charles E.

Roy, Clara, madame

Russell, Mr. George

Russo, Giovanni – Family of

Salon Mortuaire Desjardins Funeral Chapel

Sawchuk, Mr. Jimmy

Scherber Jr., John, in memory of

Schmidt, Mr. Evalt

Sharp, Mr. and Mrs. Fred and Gwen

Shrimpton, Ms. Constance

Smith, Richard, family of

Smythe, Alice

Sojka, Hilda

Solohub, Mr. and Mrs Jim

Speliers, Simone and Louis, estate of

St. John Council No. 5369 – Knights of Columbus

St. Joseph’s Catholic Men’s Sick Benefit Club

St. Michael’s Club – Visitation Church

St. Norbert No. 8557 – Knights of Columbus

St. Onge, Gérard and Irène

Stelter, Michael

Strategic Charitable Giving Foundation

Suarez, Marguerite, in loving memory of

Taylor, David and Georgette

TelPay Bill Payment Services

The Sisters of Saint Joseph of Saint Hyacinthe

The Royal Canadian Legion

The Senator Norman M. Paterson Foundation

Tomchuk, Mrs. Linda

Toupin, Lynne

Trainor Laboratory

Trottier, Lucie E.

Truijen, Mrs. Anna

Ungurian, Mr. and Mrs. A.

Van Rysselt, Patricia

Van Stelton, Mr. Tony

Vandale Air Conditioning

Vermette, Odile and family

Veronneau, Kathy, dedicated volunteer

Vidruk, Edward H.

Wasnie, Ms. Mary

Wazny, Mr. Robert

Weselake, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence

Winiarz, Mrs. Jean

Wyrzykowski, Conrad and Monique

Yamada, Mr. Toshio

Zabolotny, J.

$500 – $999

All Charities Campaign

Assiniboine Credit Union

Beaudry, Marc and Gisèle

Benjamin, Alice

Benjamin, Henriette

Boily, Aimé and Lorraine

Boisjoli, Georges

Bouvier, Louis and Yvette

Carrière, Jeanne, estate of

Courcelles, Donald and Cheryl

Couture, Irène, in memory of

Grant, Véronique, in memory of

Guenette, Lucien

Hacault, Marie and Hubert, family of

Hébert, Aimé

Lapointe, Gisèle

LaTourelle, Raymond and Noëlla

LeClaire Brothers Funeral Services

Marcoux, Omer

Marion, Armande, in memory of

McComb, Annette

Morin, Tony and Doris

Mulaire, Rene and Cécile

Paterson, Gerald I.

Plamondon, Albert and Louise

Rémillard, Gérard

Rivard, Robert

Romanow, Victor and Lorraine

Ross, William and Lorraine

Sabourin, Richard

Sarrasin, Barbara, family of

Sharpe, Mrs. Elizabeth, in memory of

St. Eugène Knights of Columbus

Zimmer, Senator Rod A.A. – CM