Dear Actionmarguerite St. Boniface Residents and Families,

We are writing today with good news.

The technicians from the elevator company were able to repair one of the DE Tower elevators. It is functional as of this morning.

With an aging infrastructure, it proves difficult at times to find solutions to an urgent need. For instance, some replacement parts are simply not available. In these cases, parts need to be refurbished which was the case of the first elevator malfunction. We are awaiting a refurbished part to ensure that both elevators can be functional.

We recognize the impact of this situation on residents, families, staff, volunteers, and external partners such as the elevator technicians and the Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service to name a few. A substantial amount of adjustment was required by all to keep our focus steady on the wellbeing of residents. We express our appreciation for the way in which we all supported one another.

During trying times, we can see how we serve as agents of connection – from the individuals who acted as the stairwell door keepers, to the human chain ensuring the delivery of close to 1,500 meals, as well as an enhanced presence of family members, volunteers, and staff from other areas to engage residents in meaningful conversations and activities.

We take this moment to send our well wishes on this Mother’s Day. May we honour the many ways mothering unfolds in our world.

With much regard,

The Actionmarguerite Team