The Cherry Blossom theme posters were started at Victoria Hospital in Winnipeg to create awareness for visitors and staff toward patients who were in their final journey of life. In the areas where Cherry Blossom posters were displayed, staff and visitors in the hospital would show dignity and compassion by providing quietness. After witnessing this process, Actionmarguerite St. Joseph has adopted this respectful manner for its residents, families and visitors, using a posters placed inside the elevator and near the resident’s room as a reminder that she or he is nearing the end of life.

Dignity BlanketThe End of Life Blanket was a suggestion by Charles Gagné, CEO of Actionmarguerite, and the management team after researching the possibility of a blanket for covering our residents on their final journey. Within the Compassion and Dignity project, the St. Peter’s Catholic Women’s League donated the beautiful blanket here shown.