Please be advised that as of the week of April 18, residents will be able to participate in mass, in a modified manner.

The mass will continue to be celebrated in the solarium, but residents will be able to participate. In accordance with the Shared Health guidelines, 10 residents from one unit at a time will be able to gather to celebrate a religious service.

As of the week of May 2, there will be 2 masses per week (Wednesday and Thursday) at 11 a.m. Having 2 masses will allow for more residents to participate.

Annick Boulet will be managing a resident participation list to ensure equitable participation for all residents. Transportation will be done by volunteers or staff. Family members will be required to stay in the resident room during the mass.

The priest will wear his mask other than during the consecration.  Residents will be strongly encouraged to wear a mask and communion will be offered in the resident room (not during the mass), as is our current practice.

Thank you.

Daniel St. Vincent, Manager of Resident Experience