Dear Residents and Families,

In today’s update, we are glad to announce additional changes to visitation given that several of the outbreaks at Actionmarguerite St. Vital and St. Joseph are now considered resolved. Please read on to know more. In June, we will also be holding virtual Resident & Family Councils and hope that you will be able to join us.



Actionmarguerite St. Vital

  • The outbreak on the 3rd floor has been resolved.
  • The ongoing outbreak is on the 1st floor with a total of four (4) active cases.
1st floor 3rd floor
Total cases: 19

Recovered: 15

Deaths: 0

Active cases: 4

Total cases: 3

Recovered: 3

Deaths: 0

Active cases: 0

  • General visits will resume for residents living on the 2nd and 3rd floor as well as Unité Marguerite, effective immediately.
  • General visits remain suspended for the residents of the 1st floor only (those residents not on the Unité Marguerite unit).
  • Designated family caregivers (essential visitors) are welcome to visit residents living on the 1st floor at their own risk and are asked to wear the personal protective equipment provided during the entirety of their visit.

 Actionmarguerite St. Joseph

  • While the outbreak on Unit 1 has not yet been resolved, there are no active COVID-positive resident cases at present.  General visits will resume for all residents living at Actionmarguerite St. Joseph, effective immediately.

 Actionmarguerite St. Boniface

  • No current outbreak.


SAVE THE DATE: Virtual Resident & Family Councils will be held throughout the month of June as follows:

  • Actionmarguerite St-Boniface – Tuesday, June 7 at 3 pm
  • Actionmarguerite St-Vital – Thursday, June 9 at 3 pm
  • Actionmarguerite St. Joseph – Tuesday, June 14 at 3 pm

A link to the virtual meetings will be sent to our family distribution email list shortly.

Today’s update ends with a reflection from Richard Rohr, who eloquently expresses that “the journey into reorder takes courage and compassion” ( We’re thankful for your ongoing presence and support, all-ways.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email

With warm regards,

Micheline St-Hilaire, Chief Executive Officer and the entire Actionmarguerite Team