Dear Actionmarguerite Residents and Families,

Spring is here, but we are preparing for a major snowstorm! One that has the potential of being the worst in decades! Let`s make sure we all stay safe!

Please see below the latest outbreak status update.

Outbreak Status


Actionmarguerite St. Boniface

  • An outbreak has been declared on 4AB and 4C
  • 23 additional residents have tested positive, for a total of 31 active cases.
  • General visits have been suspended for residents living on 4AB and 4C
  • Essential visitors to 4AB and 4C are welcome to visit at their own risk. Personal protective equipment will be provided and must be worn during the visit. Please ensure that hand hygiene is performed thoroughly and frequently.


Actionmarguerite St. Vital – Unité Marguerite (a specialized and secured unit located on the 1st floor for persons living with dementia)

  • No additional residents or employees have tested positive related to this outbreak.
  • We continue to monitor residents who have not tested positive during this outbreak for a period of 10 days as there is a continued risk of transmission.
  • Given the current situation, essential visits have resumed for all of Unité Marguerite.
  • We expect general visits to resume once the outbreak is declared over, which will likely be on Thursday, as long as no further infections are detected on this unit.


Actionmarguerite St. Joseph

  • No current outbreak.


Please email if you have any questions or concerns.

Well wishes sent your way,

Marielle Lafond, Chief Nursing Officer & the entire Actionmarguerite Team