Our founding sisters have upheld a strong tradition of involving the laity in their charitable work. In 2000, the Grey Nuns transferred their charitable division, Taché Centre and Foyer Valade to the Catholic Health Corporation of Manitoba (CHCM). In 2005, the Benedictine Sisters did the same with St. Joseph’s Residence. As the owner and sponsor of Actionmarguerite, the CHCM ensures the effective and responsible governance of Actionmarguerite and its Foundations.

In addition to Actionmarguerite, the CHCM owns and sponsors the mission of the following communities of service:

St. Amant

Centre Youville Centre

St. Boniface Hospital

Centre de santé Saint-Boniface Health Centre

Centre Flavie-Laurent

Sara Riel

Abri Marguerite

Residence Despins

Villa Aulneau

Ste-Rose General Hospital

Winnipegosis & District Health Centre

Board of Directors

Actionmarguerite is governed by a board of directors who are named annually by the Catholic Health Corporation of Manitoba. The members of the board are community leaders committed to good governance, financial stewardship and the effective implementation of the strategic plan.

Members of the Board are:

Marc Labossière, Chair
Gisèle Lapointe
Gaëtanne Morais
Brian Hayward
Claudette Toupin
Éric Courcelles
Murielle Macces-Nimi
Erik St. Hilaire
Charlotte Hébert



Executive Team

Executive Team Members are:
Charles Gagné, Chief Executive Officer
Marielle Lafond, Chief Nursing Officer and Director of Care
Denis Freynet, Chief Operating and Finance Officer
Sheila Bayda, Chief Human Resource Officer
Dr. Pravin Mehta, Medical Director

Leadership Team

The Actionmarguerite Leadership Team is comprised of the following individuals:

Clinical Services

Josée Fournier, Director, Dementia Care and Resident Experience
Philibert Ruberandinda, Director of Care, 450 River Road
Stephen Tautjo, Director of Care, 1149 Leila Avenue
Brenda Yates, Manager, Resident Services, 4 & 5 ABC, 185 Despins Street
Yolanda Fernandes, Manager of Resident Services, 2 & 3 ABC, 185 Despins Street
Shelly Kasprick, Manager, Resident Services, 2, 3 & 4 DE, 185 Despins Street
Rachid Marrakchi, Manager, Resident Services, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Floors & UM, 450 River Road
Dawn Marceca, Manager, Resident Services, Unit 1 & Unit 2, 1149 Leila Avenue
Daniel St-Vincent, Manager, Resident Experience
Joerg Arnold, Manager, Community Programs (Supportive Housing, Volunteers and Adult Day Centre)
Sue Piad, Coordinator, Community Programs (Supportive Housing, Volunteers and Adult Day Centre)
Feza Kungwa, Supervisor, Supportive Housing Program, (Windsor Park Place and Chez-Nous)

Support Services
Gisèle Nadeau, Manager, Finance
Karan Lajoie, Manager, Food Services
Louise Pinel, Supervisor, Food Services, 450 River Road
Pauline Chin, Supervisor, Food Services, 185 Despins Street
Agnès Champagne, Staff Development and French Language Services Coordinator
Kelly Edwards, Manager, Housekeeping, Laundry and Materials Management
Bob Mozdzen, Manager, Physical Plant & Maintenance
Robyn Johnston, Manager, Human Resources


Our team consists of approximately 900 professionals, employees and volunteers who serve our residents, families and clients.

Nurses (RN, RPN, LPN)
Physicians and Specialist Consultants
Health Care Aides
Social Workers
Occupational Therapists
Rehabilitation Aides
Spiritual Care
Recreational Workers
Housekeeping and Laundry Staff
Dietary Aides
Human Resources Staff
Accounting and Payroll Staff
Maintenance Engineers and Staff
Unit Clerk Assistants
Reception Staff and Administrative Assistants