We have had to learn how to implement virtual visits with families due to the current situation we are all in and the family and visitor restrictions still in effect. Our staff and families had to learn how to use the technology, determine the applications that work best, and how to communicate using video conferencing to ensure a positive experience for residents and family members. Since last Friday, our dedicated Social Work, Recreation and Spiritual Care teams were successful in setting up 295 virtual visits with residents and their families (169 at St. Boniface, 73 at St. Vital and 53 at St. Joseph). We will continue to set up these important connections until such a time as we can all welcome you back to our homes.

With the warmer weather now upon us, we would like include the option of face to face visits by providing outside space on the main floor of our buildings for families to visit with their loved ones through a window and by the way of a telephone conversation. Families would require access to a cellular phone; if required we would try to provide one.

To schedule these, please email one of the following individuals, and request a face to face visit to be scheduled. Here are the contacts if interested:

  • St-Joseph; 1149 Leila – Stephanie Rouet – srouet@actionmarguerite.ca
  • St-Boniface, 185 Despins:
    • Sophie Chartier (2DE, 3DE, 4DE) – schartier@actionmarguerite.ca
    • Nicole Nadeau-Fréchette (2ABC, 3ABC) – nnadeau@actionmarguerite.ca
    • Ginette Abraham (4ABC, 5ABC) – gabraham@actionmarguerite.ca
  • St-Vital, 450 River Road – Annick Boulet – aboulet@actionmarguerite.ca

Please note that visits may not be able to occur if the unit is managing a cold or flu outbreak.

We would also like to thank all the families and visitors for their signage, words of encouragement and gratitude towards staff while they continue to provide safe and compassionate care to the residents of our homes.