Dear Families;

This is to update families that Actionmarguerite is in compliance with the May 1, 2020 Provincial Health Order that required us to move to a single employer model.  Staff can only work in one personal care home.  This has and will have an impact on our staffing, as some part-time staff and casuals are now assigned to a different personal care home.  The use of agency staff will also be limited, as they will have to be exclusive to one site.  Our residents will require that we pick up the slack and ensure that we continue to provide safe and continuous care.  We also want to ensure our staff benefit from their planned holidays and we also want to limit our overtime requirements, as this is not sustainable in the long run. We have also asked our part-time staff to indicate if they would want to increase their EFT for the duration of the Health Order.

We also received a copy of the Order in Council under the Emergency Measures Act related to the Public Health Order on the Personal Care Home Staff and Work Deployment.  Please refer to our website for a copy of the Order in council and the Provincial Health Order.

All of this is new to us; we have never experienced a pandemic and especially a virus that affects the frail elderly so hard.  Our goal is to protect them by protecting our most precious resource, that is the staff who care for them.   We therefore will need all of our staff and families to work with us in ensuring that we get through this in future months.  We have asked our staff to be available for additional shifts, to take care of themselves and to be safe so that they can come to work healthy. We will continue to be kind to each other and value the work we do as we honor the privilege of caring and serving the frail elderly who contributed so much to our great Canadian society.

Thanks you for your patience and understanding.

Charles Gagné, CEO