Dear Families;

We learned today that the Government of Manitoba communicated through its web site its Phase 4 – Draft Plan on restoring services during the ongoing pandemic, effective July 25, 2020.   Phase 4 includes a section on visitation in personal care homes and long term care. I would invite you to read the government communication:

The Shared Health Guidelines have yet to be revised and we are still waiting for more direction from the public health authorities on their expectations related to enabling in-room visits from essential visitors.   Restrictions on these visits will continue to apply as we find a new balance between protecting residents and staff from contracting COVID-19 and reducing the negative effects the prior restrictions have had on the emotional well-being and quality of life of residents. We will make every effort to strike a balance between all the individual resident and family needs with our duty to ensure safe care. The COVID-19 virus is still present and the number of cases have increased recently and there is always a potential for a second wave.

Our success in enabling in-room visits will depend greatly on the cooperation, trust and communication between residents, families and the personal care homes. We want to remain compassionate and understanding of individual family situations while ensuring consistency and safety.

Actionmarguerite will be communicating its plan by the end of this week. This will include when we will begin in–room visits and how we will contact families to establish a safe and coordinated process to allow in-room visits to resume with essential visitors. It is also important to note that scheduled visits (virtual, window, courtyard or designated indoor visits) will continue for those whom may not be designated as essential visitors.

We thank you for your ongoing support and understanding.

Charles Gagné
Chief Executive Officer