We are pleased to advise residents and families that we will be expanding our visitation program during the pandemic to include outdoor visits.

Starting June 1 2020, outdoor visits will be introduced as an option to communicate with your resident family member.   We continue to encourage families to phone, hold virtual and window visits. The outdoor visits, weather permitting, will provide further opportunities to connect. We are required, however, to follow strict guidelines as per the direction given to personal care homes from the public health authorities.

I invite families to review the following attachments outlining the terms and conditions to follow in scheduling and holding a visit with a resident in one of our three personal care homes:

We are also in the process of preparing the outdoor space in terms of access, infection control, physical distancing and other safety considerations. This includes having the available resources and staff in place to ensure that these visits are successful. Our goal remains the protection of residents, staff and families from potential exposure to the COVID-19 virus, remote as the risk may be at present.

We are also planning to introduce outdoor visits in the two supportive housing sites, Chez-Nous and Windsor Park Place. We will be communicating directly with the families of the tenants in these programs when we are ready to schedule such visits.

We know for many residents and families this is difficult and many wish that we can go back to how things were prior to the pandemic. These continue to be challenging times as we need to be even more resolved in following the guidelines provided by public health and ensuring that our staff remain vigilant and committed to the practices in places for the last 12 weeks. We expect this will continue for weeks and months to come. We ask that we remain kind, compassionate and patient as we tread carefully and implement new processes that aim to ensure the safety of the residents who can are vulnerable, the staff who care for them and the families who love them.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions or concerns.  You can email me at info@actionmarguerite.ca.

Have a good weekend

Charles Gagné, CEO