Dear Families;

The Government of Manitoba confirmed today its Phase 4 – Plan. It allows essential care givers (families or friends) to visit inside personal care homes. I invite you to read the government communication:

The Government communication states that ‘visits in personal care homes and long-term care settings will proceed as outlined in the draft document’ and that ‘facility operators will continue to review visitation policies and processes to ensure appropriate visitation, along with the health and safety of residents and families.’

Today we received the Shared Health Guidelines. We are reviewing our safety procedures and screening protocols to ensure the visits can occur as soon as possible, while ensuring the safety of all residents and staff.

I understand that some families may want to visit this weekend. We can only hope to understand how difficult and long-lasting this has been for all of you. We hope you understand that visits this weekend will not be possible, as we do not have the process yet in place at each of our sites to ensure compliance with the guidelines as well as coordinate the visits in such a way as to make it manageable and safe for all.

Our personal care homes are communities of residents, staff and families. We all need to be clear about how we will strike the balance between all the individual, resident and family care giver visits that will occur in the next few weeks and honouring our duty to ensure safe care, physical distancing, as well as, strict hand hygiene and infection control. The COVID-19 pandemic still persists. Increasing the frequency of individuals visiting our sites is manageable as long as we are all working collaboratively and respectfully, striving to prevent any cases in our homes.

Actionmarguerite will be communicating its plan before July 27 2020 on its website and through emails.

If you have any questions or concerns, please send me an email at

Charles Gagné
Chief Executive Officer