The following is an update on Actionmarguerite’s current outbreak status and preparedness for the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 Outbreaks:

 The following outbreaks are being contained and managed:

  • St. Boniface located at 185 Despins has 1 staff confirmed case on November 2, 2020 on 2ABC. Pending no new case, the outbreak would be declared over on November 30th, 2020.  An outbreak was also declared on 3DE following 1 staff confirmed case on October 23rd, 2020 and a 2nd staff on November 7, 2020.   Pending no new case, the outbreak would be declared over on December 3rd, 2020.
  • St. Vital located at 450 River Road has 1 staff confirmed case on November 3rd, 2020 on the 3rd floor. Pending no new case, the outbreak would be declared over on November 26th, 2020.
  • St. Joseph located at 1149 Leila has no outbreaks at this time.
  • Our supportive housing program located at Windsor Park Place, 875 Elizabeth Road declared an outbreak following 1 tenant testing COVID+ on November 7th, 2020. There were subsequently 3 tenants tested and their results were negative on November 9th, 2020.  There are 12 tenants awaiting confirmation of a test.  All tenants were asked to remain in their apartments since November 6th , 2020.
  • The supportive housing program located at Chez-Nous, 187 de la Cathédrale have no outbreaks at this time.


We are currently suspending all visitation, including essential visitors, at all facilities until November 20th 2020 due to the increasing risk and outbreaks in personal care homes.  Virtual and phone visits remain available and can be scheduled by calling our recreation staff or social workers.  We will also allow for exceptions at the end of life.  Our nursing staff will also stay in contact with the essential care giver if the condition of the resident changes.

We have received many requests from families and staff to reduce any risks of outside contact given the number of cases in the community and the impact on personal care homes during this second wave.

This has been a difficult decision, as we know the importance of visiting your loved ones.  We will however communicate our visitation program soon; this which will include the new temporary visitation shelters.

Pandemic Response Plan

We have been working with our teams to respond appropriately if or when we get our first resident COVID+ case.  Our plan remains flexible, as our response will depend on the resident needs, risk assessment, infection controls protocols and staff resources.  We continue to prepare a dedicated space to cohort positive cases as well as to dedicate nursing staff for the duration of the confirmed COVID+ case.  We are also conducting ‘table top’ exercises on each unit and reviewing our education on infection control and personal protective equipment. This includes N95 mask testing, holding staff flu shot clinics and responding to family concerns.  Our teams, including the WRHA, are meeting daily to review our preparedness and response protocols.

Supporting our Staff

This pandemic is hard.  Reality hit home this week when we learned of the health care worker at Victoria Hospital who died of COVID-19 (as reported in the media).  This person was the spouse and father of two of our employees.  This is very sad and tragic and we have offered our deepest and most heartfelt condolences to the family.  Our thoughts and our prayers go out to them during this incredibly difficult time.

There are no words to explain the effects this pandemic is having on our community, our families and our friends.  We also know how this pandemic is also affecting the vulnerable, and especially the elderly living in personal care homes.  We also need to acknowledge all health care workers, support staff, and management who come to work every day during this pandemic. Everyone is focused on ensuring the residents and staff are safe and preventing to the extent possible COVID-19 from entering our workplace.  Our staff are all true heroes; they are brave, at times scared, but continue to remain true to the values of service and compassion.  With resident and families, we will continue the fight, and continue to care for each other.

Know that you have my commitment as well as that of our entire management team and the Actionmarguerite Board of Directors that we will continue to do what is right and support residents, families and staff to ensure that we get through this.

I also take this opportunity to salute the veterans who were also heroes and courageous, some of them residents in our homes.  We will keep them in our thoughts tomorrow, Remembrance Day.

Do not hesitate to provide feedback by writing to .

Charles Gagné, CEO