How to Thank a Caregiver during this COVID-19 crisis

We have received such incredible offers of support from families and community members; your generosity is heartwarming at this difficult time.  While your offers of baked goods, coffee and other beautiful gifts are so appreciated, we can’t always accept them at this time due to safety and infection control protocols in effect. We really want to send thanks on your behalf to our staff, who are working tirelessly to provide safe, compassionate care.

That’s why we created the COVID-19 Staff Recognition Fund. You can donate to this area and your donation will go directly to thank the caregivers working with your loved ones as well as other necessities during this global pandemic.

With your donation of

  • $20 you can provide headbands for staff, to protect their ears from the strain of wearing a mask for extended periods of time;
  • $25 you can provide take home self-care bags, filled with local goodies for a staff person. This will also help to support local businesses during this difficult time;
  • $30 you can provide free coffee to staff who are working double shifts;
  • $50, you can help provide healthy refreshments for those working;
  • $75 you can help provide furnishings that will help create social distance between residents and staff;
  • $100 you can help enhance technology on our sites to keep families connected.

To make your donation, simply click

and in the message box write COVID-19 along with a message you’d like to include for the staff.

During these uncertain times, your help is needed now more than ever.  Thank you for kindness.