Please advise your family members and friends that Actionmarguerite will only accept gifts designated to residents during the pandemic.  All gifts will be appropriately cleaned and disinfected.  Gifts must be dedicated to the intended resident only and not shared amongst other residents or staff.

Christmas Celebrations

The holiday season is a time where our families have always liked to bring our staff food and goodies.  Unless the food / goodies are individually packaged and in wipeable containers, we will be unable to accept these kind offerings.   It may be an option to suggest to families that, instead of bringing treats, they may wish to consider the option of donating to a local food bank or Christmas Cheer Board.

We also know that staff often like to share their holiday baking with their co-workers.  Unfortunately, we will not be allowing the sharing of baking or other treats, or our traditional holiday staff potlucks.

Gifts, Flowers, Cards for Residents or Staff

If you have family members asking about bringing gifts, flowers or cards for their loved ones at Christmas, we can only permit this under the following conditions:

  • Cards and gifts can be dropped off at the personal care home.
  • Cards / Gifts must be clearly marked with the resident‘s name.
  • Cards / Gifts will be held sanitized prior to being delivered to the resident.
  • Flowers and arrangements are permitted provided the container they are in is wipeable.
  • If possible, gather the offering so that they can be delivered all at once.

 Holiday Decorating 

Decorating for the holidays can lift the moods of staff, visitors and those we care for in the healthcare setting.  When decorating this year, please consider the following:

  • Choose plastic decorations that are smooth and easily wipeable
  • Consider laminating paper decorations or cards on display to make them wipeable
  • Minimize clutter – don’t take up excess floor or countertop that would interfere with proper cleaning

If uncertain, please ask the unit social worker or recreation staff.  There are many ways to share your Christmas wish.  Here is what happened today at one of our sites.