There will be no Essential Care Giver or other visits on the Thanksgiving Long Weekend, including Monday October 12th (except for end of life situations). We simply do not have the staff available to ensure proper screening of all visitors.

Families are STRONGLY discouraged from asking for short stay absences, off-site visits or outings of any duration that are non-essential during the long weekend.

Given the number of COVID 19 cases in Winnipeg, the number of personal care homes in a COVID-19 outbreak and the risk to all other residents, Actionmarguerite does NOT consider an outing with a family member for a Thanksgiving dinner essential.   We would require residents to isolate for 14 days if this were to occur. Please reconsider your plans if this is the case for the safety of others.

We hope to have a plan in place by early November to expand our visitation programs to include weekends and holidays. The COVisitation Shelters are being delivered. We are hoping to receive funding support that will enable us to dedicate staff to support these visits.

We are grateful for the residents’ patience, the staff’s dedication, and the families’ collaboration. We also thank all health care and government employees for their hard work during this pandemic.

Stay safe and our best wishes during this time of thanksgiving. We welcome your feedback by email at


Charles Gagné, CEO