For Christians, Easter is a special time of celebration.  These celebrations often include gatherings and dinners involving extended family and friends.  In keeping with Social Distancing practice, we asked our staff to limit celebratory dinners and gatherings to only the people who currently live with them.  Further, we have asked them not attend any religious services in person to avoid crowds.  We ask the same of you.

We know it will be very hard not to be able to visit with your loved ones.  We want to wish you, at this time, a peaceful and Happy Easter and thank you for your understanding and encouragement as we continue to care for residents who live in one of our personal care homes and supportive housing apartments.

  • For those who are thinking of delivering items for their loved ones during the weekend, please observe the increasingly rigorous infection control guidelines relating to accepting gifts for residents:
  • We are only able to accept flowers or plants from florists with strict sanitation standards. These flowers must be in a vase, wrapped in paper, with the name of the resident.  Once unpacked, the vase will be cleaned with a disinfecting wipe.
  • We are only able to accept gifts in unopened/sealed packages that allow for proper disinfection of the surface.  Items that cannot be properly disinfected – like cards or stuffed animals – cannot be accepted.
  • Upon arrival at the site entrance, gifts will be disinfected by staff with a site-approved disinfectant before they are sent to the resident’s room.
  • We can only accept gifts dedicated to one resident (no shareable gifts).

If you wish to recognize staff, we invite you to consider a gift to the COVID-19 Staff Recognition Fund.  Please see the follow link for more information:

The Catholic Health Corporation of Manitoba (our sponsors) also would like to share a few online options for Mass (options in French and in English) that might be of interest to the resident’s families this weekend.

The Archdiocese of Saint-Boniface is offering liturgy from their Facebook page live at various times throughout the weekend, both in French and English, starting on Holy Thursday. You can find past and current offerings here

St. Amant’s Spiritual Services and Father Gilbert Gariepy are pleased to continue to contribute to the creation of online videos for those who will be missing mass celebrations you can find it here

For more information, please see the following links:

Wishing you all a peaceful Easter Weekend and on behalf of the entire Actionmarguerite Team

Charles Gagné, CEO