We want to thank all of you for your support and encouragement as we continue to protect the residents that live in our personal care homes, the tenants living in supportive housing and the staff who continue to be critical to our success.

This last week has been unprecedented, like much of the events surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. In restricting visitation as a way of reducing the risk, we were able to focus on ensuring that we increase our infection control procedures involving sanitization of public spaces and hand washing practices. A shout out to our housekeeping staff and infection control personnel in their efforts this week in preventing infections.

We are reviewing many aspects of our operations and contingency plans related to pandemic planning. We are participating in daily conference calls with the WRHA Long Term Care Program as well as with our teams in supporting the delivery of care and services. We are continuing with the visitation restrictions with end of life being the only exception at this time. We have denied requests from some families to visit for other compassionate reasons; not because we want to, but because we have to. Restrictions will continue for the foreseeable future. We therefore ask you not to visit this weekend or early next week.

We have had to suspend our hairdressing services, only to reconsider how it may be reintegrated in the future as this COVID-19 pandemic continues. Other services, such as religious ceremonies, bingo and massages have also been suspended. Our Spiritual Care, Recreation, and Rehab services are working hard to develop alternative methods of delivering their services and engaging residents in activities of daily living. We have also decided to do all resident laundry in-house and ask that family no longer wash the clothes of the loved ones.

Families can continue to communicate with us, either by email or by phone. We have experienced an increase number of phone calls at the unit level. Nurses may not be able to respond to all of these calls, as they continue to coordinate the care of residents and staff. Alternately, you can call the unit social worker or the unit manager. You may have to leave a message and continue to be patient with us. You can trust that we will call you if there is a concerned with your love one, either physically, socially, or mentally.   We will monitor residents to ensure that the impact of not having social interactions with family is not detrimental to their health condition.

Finally, our efforts this week have focused on ensuring that we screen our staff and minimize the impact of the child care challenges that may occur in the following weeks with school and day care closures. We are also working with staff and providing education on the COVID-19 virus as well as social distancing, so that they remain healthy and able to continue to provide the care the residents deserve.

Please share this email with other members of your family, as our data base may not include everyone who would like to be kept informed. You can also write to us at info@actionmarguerite.ca to request that we include their email address in future communication.

We thank you for your support.

Charles Gagné
Chief Executive Officer

PS – thank you to the family who posted this sign up at our St. Joseph’s residence.