To Residents, Families and Staff of Actionmarguerite St. Vital, 450 River Road

I had hoped to provide an update within 24 hours of my last communication on April 2, 2020. We regret that some families and staff may have learned via news media of a staff person being confirmed COVID-19 positive. Our email list is not 100% complete and we keep adding to the list to the extent possible. Please review the April 2, 2020 communication on the steps taken at that time: You can also subscribe on the web site for notifications of future communication.

We would like to inform you of the steps taken in addition to our communication on April 2, 2020:

  1. We have reached out to the affected staff person and continue to support this person in their recovery. In an effort to protect privacy, we have not and will not identify this person by name or department. We hope not to be faced with any other COVID-19 cases with staff or residents. If we are, to the extent possible, we will in every situation make every effort to respect privacy and confidentiality. At no time will we be identifying an employee or resident by name.
  2. We have followed all guidelines and protocols provided by Provincial Public Health Officials, Shared Health and the WRHA. All staff and all units are following universal PPE (Protective Personal Equipment) guidelines. At present, we have the supplies to maintain this practice. The WRHA and Actionmarguerite have reviewed all infection control practices; we can confirm precautions are in place. Education and surveillance continue. We invite you to visit the Shared Health web site for more information –
  3. We identified all residents who would have had direct contact with this person.   We communicated directly with potentially affected residents as well as their families by phone. The order of the calls is according to the nature, proximity and possible frequency of the contacts. The calls will continue over the next week. All residents are being monitored; their temperatures taken twice a day. Nursing staff continue to contact families when there is any change in resident condition as per usual.
  4. We have identified staff who may have had close contact; appropriate action has been taken as per the regional Occupational Health and Safety protocols in place. This includes screening, self-monitoring of symptoms, isolation and testing as per directions given by Occupation Health and Safety.
  5. All residents showing signs of influenza-like illnesses and related symptoms are tested for both influenza and COVID-19. To date all results for COVID-19 have come back negative.
  6. We continue screening of all staff at the beginning of every shift:
  7. Our staffing remains stable and we continue to support, train and reassure staff as they are also concerned for the safety of the residents, their families and themselves.

We have received a number of enquiries from families and many have questions. We continue to respond to individual questions and concerns to the best of our abilities. We are preparing a separate communication to answer the questions we have received. We hope this will be informative for all families.

We thank you for your words of support, encouragement and recognition. We understand the concern of residents, families and staff.

Please call do not hesitate to send me an email at if you have questions.

Charles Gagné, CEO