The following is update #5 on the current COVID-19 resident outbreak at Actionmarguerite St. Boniface, 185 Despins.

The total number of residents in the COVID AREA 19 is now at nineteen active cases (19).  Seventeen (17) are from 3DE and two (2) from 2DE.   We remain at one death.

Since our last update, we had one (1) resident from 3DE who tested positive on February 20th and seven (7) residents who tested positive on today.  All families of positive residents have been called.

On Saturday, February 20th 2021, we had re-swabbed 21 residents in proximity to the positive cases from both 2DE and 3DE units.  Of those, 13 tests came back negative and 7 tests were positive.  We are waiting on one (1) more test results.

It is possible that we conduct further testing of asymptomatic residents in a few days.  We will automatically test any residents with signs of symptoms.

At this time we have one active staff case (February 14th on 3DE) and one recovered staff case (February 6th on 2DE). We have no staff waiting for test results.

Vaccines at Actionmarguerite St. Boniface are still planned for February 24th.

Visitation (both essential care and general visits) will remain suspended until March 1 inclusively.  Please stay in contact with your love ones through virtual or phone visits to the extent possible.

At the present time our staffing remains stable. We have welcomed seven (7) uncertified health care aids from the Shared Health Covid Response Unit (a provincial staff deployment service set up during the pandemic).  These persons will assist in feeding, transporting, monitoring and engaging residents in activities of daily living.  We have also provided additional housekeeping on our main floor.

We held a virtual town hall meeting with approximately 50 families of Actionmarguerite St. Boniface. We plan to hold another meeting in the following weeks.

This is very stressful on the residents, their families and staff.  We appreciate your support and words of encouragement.  We would ask however that you not send any food items or ‘treats’ for staff to share. We cannot distribute these as the sharing of food is risk for further spread.

You can consider donating to the Staff Covid Recognition Fund if you are wanting to recognize the efforts of staff during this period.  Follow the link to the COVID-19 Fund: Donate Now – ACTIONMARGUERITE FOUNDATION (

Please do not hesitate to share your questions and concerns via email at .

We will get through this!

Actionmarguerite Team

February 22, 2021 (7 PM)