Over the next few days, Actionmarguerite’s clinical team will begin the Covid-19 immunization process for all its residents. Specific guidelines and process have been established by Public Health, Shared Health and the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority.

A member of the clinical team will contact the resident or the substitute decision-maker in the coming days to discuss and review the fact sheet on the Pfizer BioNTech mRNA Covid-19 vaccine approved by Health Canada.

It is absolutely necessary to read the Pfizer BioTech Covid-19 mRNA Vaccine fact sheet available on the Government of Manitoba website: COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines Pfizer-BioNTech Vaccine and Moderna Vaccine (manitoba.ca).  This information will be useful when meeting with the resident or calling their designate.

Residents able to do so will be required to sign the vaccine consent form before they can receive the vaccine. Consent for the vaccine must be obtained directly from the resident or their health care designate when required. If you have been identified as the substitute decision-maker of a resident, the clinical team will attempt to contact you by telephone over the next few days to inform you of the benefits and side effects of the Covid-19 vaccine. During this telephone interview, you will be asked to verbally give your informed consent so that we can proceed with the vaccination of the resident. A second health care professional, who will act as a witness, will have you repeat your verbal consent in order to witness on the document that you are the substitute decision-maker and consent to the resident receiving the vaccine.

We must submit all resident consents to Public Health 72 hours prior to the date of vaccine administration.  The vaccination date for each facility is not yet confirmed.  We aim to receive all consents by January 22, 2021 at the latest.  The plan is to vaccinate all residents with the first injection and then vaccinate with the second injection 21 days later.  Residents for whom we do not have consent will only be able to receive the vaccine in a second round of vaccination, the dates of which have yet to be determined.

We thank you for your collaboration and support for the Actionmarguerite clinical care team.

The clinical team responsible for vaccine administration at Actionmarguerite.