Thank you for your patience, cooperation and words of encouragement over the last few weeks.  Your support is important to us as we continue to make every effort to protect residents and staff from the COVID-19 virus.  We know that we are all making important sacrifices in our efforts to reduce the threat of infection.  Personal Care Homes continue to be hit hard with COVID-19.  Know that we are constantly strengthening our pandemic preparedness plans as we learn about the effects of this virus.

The following is our revised plan related to visits and outbreak restrictions:

Outbreak Restrictions

We have revised our outbreak restrictions related to Essential Caregivers.

Essential Caregivers may be allowed to visit a Red Zone unit (declared COVID-19 outbreak) after the first 14 days of the last case.  This is only if there are no additional cases or the risk is deemed to be low.  This will be determined at the time of the outbreak and subject to contact tracing and consultation with Infection Control Professionals.

Essential Caregivers with residents who do not live on a unit declared a Red Zone, and a considered a Green Zone (no outbreak) may visit the facility after 7 days of any outbreak being declared in the facility.  This is only applicable if we deem the risk to be low for the entire facility (this depends on our contact tracing).  The status of the outbreaks and dates when Essential Caregivers can resume visitation will be posted on our website effective November 30th, 2020.  Updates will be made if there is a change.  It is important to check the status of the outbreak before visiting as this may change daily.

Essential Caregivers Visitation Hours:

Starting December 1, 2020 to December 11, 2020 (inclusively), Essential Caregivers can visit their loved one from 11 AM to 2PM, Monday to Friday.  The limitation in hours are meant to LIMIT and REDUCE the length of contacts in the facility during this 2nd wave and high COVID-19 positivity rates in the community.

By exception and only subject to review by the clinical team, we may allow Essential Caregivers between 4PM and 6PM (Monday to Friday) if their assistance during the supper meal can be beneficial to resident nutrition.  Please contact the unit social worker to discuss.

We are trying to find the right balance between risk management and allowing Essential Caregivers to continue to support their loved ones.  Our goal remains to protect the residents and staff and avoid all potential risks for a resident outbreak of COVID-19.

Only one Essential Caregiver may visit per day.  They are to limit their visit to one resident and limit this visit to the resident’s room.  Please note that exceptions may be made for end-of-life situations.

You are NOT to visit if you are not well!  You will be asked screening questions before the visit.   All essential visitors will be required to sign in and out in the visitor log, practice good hand hygiene, wear a mask appropriately and at all times (including in the resident’s room), and avoid contact with other residents or staff unless there is an emergency.

All other types of general visits are not permitted under the October 15th 2020, Public Health Order elevating all personal care homes RED (CRITICAL).  For more information please refer to our earlier communication: COVID-19 – Red Critical Status. | Actionmarguerite.

Unfortunately, the Temporary Visitation Shelters are not yet available for visitation. We will communicate in due course when the shelters are available.

I invite you also to stay informed of the current situation.  You can access the Government of Manitoba COVID-19 web site for status of active cases:

As well, the WRHA has provided some support to personal care homes experiencing resident COVID-19 outbreaks.  They also provide updates on its web site:

Please do not hesitate to provide feedback by writing to .

Charles Gagné, CEO