Father’s Day is June 21. Let’s make it special by wishing our fathers a special day! We welcome families to consider the following:

  • Send a photo of yourself, or your family holding a poster format father’s day message and a special wish on this special day. We welcome a .jpg photo via the info@actionmarguerite.ca address and we will ensure to print it, share it with the resident and post it in their rooms. Please indicate “A Father’s Day Wish” in the subject line of the email and indicate your father’s (or grandfather’s) name, unit and room number in the body of the email.
  • Write an email with a very special message. Be assured that either our staff will be honoured to read to the resident.

Our recreation team have a number events during the week to make our Fathers feel special. These will occur at the unit level and respect all infection control practices and social distancing protocols.