IMPORTANT – We are now declaring an outbreak on 2DE, 3DE, and 4DE related to a staff COVID-19 positive case.

This memo replaces the December 6th 2020 memo internal memo to Families and Staff indicating the opposite.  On the advice of Public Health, we are now declaring this incident an outbreak.

The staff member’s last day worked was December 1, 2020.  Upon further investigation, we deem this staff member may have been symptomatic and may have worked during the period of communicability.  This staff person worked nights and would have been on 2DE, 3DE and 4DE.

In light of new information, we are declaring an outbreak.  We are completing our contact tracing requirements as a result of the occurrence. We wish this person a speedy recovery and look forward to welcoming them back in the near future!

We consider this to still be LOW risk and there are no residents in isolation as a result of this incident.  The 2DE, 3DE and 4DE units will however remain RED ZONE with residents limited to their unit and monitored for symptoms.

Visits remain suspended.  For outbreak status please refer to the following link: COVID-19 Outbreak / Visitation Status | Actionmarguerite

Any concerns, please contact

Charles Gagné, Chief Executive Officer