The Friends of St. Joseph and the Family Committee would like to express its sincere and heartfelt thanks to the Cosmopolitan Club of Winnipeg for their recent donation of $1000 towards initiatives benefitting the residents who call Actionmarguerite St. Joseph home.

The Cosmopolitan Club of Winnipeg is the local branch of Cosmopolitan International, a non-profit organization founded in 1918. It consists of approximately 60 clubs and 1,800 members throughout Canada and the United States. Its mission is to “contribute to community well-being through charitable donations and volunteer service, with special emphasis on supporting efforts to prevent and find a cure for diabetes.” Cosmopolitan International has donated millions of dollars for diabetes research and treatment. In addition, its member clubs also support community service projects and charitable causes in their local communities.

The Family Committee, comprised of past and current family members along with members of the Friends of St. Joseph Foundation, is delighted to be able to accept this donation in support of its mandate. They are committed to supporting the recreation program at Actionmarguerite St. Joseph, along with other valuable initiatives that aim to enable residents to continue engaging in meaningful activities. These activities include musical guests, special visits, special lunches and seasonal programming. The Committee achieves this mandate through its solicitation of donations, bake sales and other fundraising activities, and assistance in the Recreation program’s special events.

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Darlene Kolody, Toni Squires, Louise Sabourin, Anne Ferenc