In 2018-2019, Actionmarguerite’s participation in the Senior Quality Leap Initiative (SQLI) led to significant advances in quality-related initiatives. Here are a few of the projects aimed at positioning the organization for the future:
– The reduction of alarms to prevent falls, replaced by intentional rounds. Charles Gagné, Actionmarguerite’s Chief Executive Officer, explains: “We were using movement alarms that were noisy but weren’t preventing falls.”
“Now, staff visit residents who are prone to falling. They identify all the reasons why those residents may want to get up and ensure they have everything they need close by, to prevent falls. We’ve reduced the number of alarms by half and hope to be able to eliminate all of them soon. We expect the number of falls to decrease once staff have adopted the practice with all residents.” The initiative began in the St. Vital residence.
– The Gentle Persuasive Approaches (GPA) method is geared to treating people with advanced dementia. It focuses on the person rather than the task and reduces the risk of resistance to care, and hence incidents. More than 200 people have been trained so far at Actionmarguerite, in particular at the St. Boniface facility, and they are now acting as mentors and role models in their units to propagate the new method.
“We’re already seeing a difference,” says Gagné. “GPA requires a lot of commitment on the part of staff, but staff have responded very positively and proactively to it. It’s very promising.” Actionmarguerite has also met with families who support the initiative and want to receive more thorough training to better deal with loved ones suffering from dementia.
– Occupational health and safety: “We were nominated for the Workers Compensation Board Return to Work Award, in the occupational health and safety category. The nomination recognizes Actionmarguerite’s efforts to focus energy and resources on injury prevention and reduction.”
– Income diversification, to cover the financial shortfall. “We’re focusing on our foundations and have spent a lot of time aligning our efforts in that direction. Over the next few years we expect our two foundations to play a greater role in addressing the gaps that could improve the quality of life of residents.”
In addition, Actionmarguerite is already anticipating a decrease in public investment in seniors’ housing and services. “We’re now looking at developing new housing or services, on land that we own near our St. Joseph facility, for the community in Northwest Winnipeg.” Also of note, Actionmarguerite’s collaboration with Université de Saint-Boniface on an intergenerational day care program.