Last summer, Nicole Nadeau-Fréchette, a social worker at Actionmarguerite, suggested that Hilary Wiebe, a resident of Actionmarguerite St. Boniface’s young adult unit, enter a contest sponsored by March of Dimes Canada. A few weeks later, Hilary Wiebe found out she had won a smart tablet.
The social worker believed that Hilary Wiebe was the perfect applicant. “I immediately thought of her when I saw the ad. Hilary has a computer in her room, which she uses a lot, but it’s hard because her disability limits her mobility.”
Hilary, an independent adult who suffers from a disability that makes mobility difficult, enjoys communicating with her family and friends in the community. “I was somewhat limited, until now. It’s hard for me to sit in front of a computer for long, and using the keyboard can be a challenge.”
Nicole Nadeau-Fréchette saw just how useful a tablet would be for Hilary. “Most tablets include a voice recognition component. The device is very portable, so it can also be used when the person is lying down. We really believed that having access to this technology would help Hilary live her life to the fullest.”
The March of Dimes Canada’s Assistive Mobile Technology Initiative gives winners a package, including a smart tablet, case, stylus and specialized apps, valued at up to $1,875.