On the occasion of a prolonged visit with my parents in St. Boniface I had the joy of getting to know many employees and volunteers working at the Actionmarguerite establishment, located at 185 Despins Street, where my father was warmly welcomed in November of 2018.

I’ve returned to my community residence in Quebec since March 15th and I am finally taking a few moments to write to the large team working directly or behind the scenes at the service of the residents on the 2nd floor DE. I didn’t have a chance to see each one of you before leaving, so I am sending this note charged with fondest regards.

We cannot forget these souls who radiate real love through their spontaneous devotion, their words full of kindness and compassion, their acts of disinterested generosity, their good work ethic, etc. In fact, during my visits within this establishment, I witnessed numerous admirable and humane acts that are forever imprinted on my heart’s memory.
Nothing feels as much good as doing good and this goodness spreads a contagious happiness.

May God bless you, you who have the honour to serve our elderly and disabled people. Life will certainly repay you a hundredfold for all your acts of charity and goodness!
P.-S. It is with great interest that I regularly receive news about each of you from my parents. They so appreciate your love and humour throughout the days!