In November 2017, Actionmarguerite joined the Senior Quality Leap Initiative (SQLI), an international consortium of leading senior care organizations from across Canada and the United States working to improve quality of life for long-term residents.

Taking part in this initiative is a way for Actionmarguerite to continue to strive for excellence. “We believe in excellence of care and always want to aim higher,” says Colleen Reidke, Assistant Director of Care at Actionmarguerite. “It’s an opportunity for us to grow, learn and give our residents the life they deserve. We want to be on the leading edge of long-term care in the future.”

For now, Actionmarguerite has made a two-year commitment with SQLI. “Our hope is that, at the end of the two years, the impact of this initiative will be such that we are encouraged to continue. When we attended the first meeting, we felt we were on to something good. The energy of all the participants and their desire to create positive change was exhilarating!”

“We could feel the compassion and engagement of people who wanted real change. That’s what drew us to them: we always want to be better than the best for our residents.”