During the National Nurses’ Week held from May 6 to 12, 2019, Actionmarguerite recognized its nursing staff.

Congratulations to Tessa Loran, nurse at Actionmarguerite St. Boniface on being recognized by her peers as the recipient of the Actionmarguerite Nurse of the Year Award 2019.

Tessa is thoughtful, smart, knowledgeable, sensitive, intuitive, creative, and leads with conviction. Those who worked with her can vouch for these impressive qualities.

She has a wonderful sense of humor that can deescalate any behavioural situations. She takes the time to do the little things that mean so much for the residents. Tessa has a special gift of providing comfort and support and you can see it by how the residents respond to her. Tessa demonstrates the “heart of nursing” and co-workers can learn so much from working alongside with her. She also is a “live” encyclopedia when it comes to dementia and behaviours management.

Many examples describe why Tessa is an amazing nurse. She goes above and beyond the call of duty — the first to work and the last to leave even if told she can go home. The heart and soul of caring: she is always dedicated to the residents and families.

Princess Lacebal received the Nurse of the Year Award 2019 at Actionmarguerite St. Vital. Seen on the photo below with Philibert Ruberandinda, Director of Care and Anna Lebrun, Manager – Resident Services, Princess is recognized for her good work and dedication. She is also well-liked by the residents. Congratulations Princess!

Marica Krmpotic, nurse at Actionmarguerite St. Joseph, was also honoured and accepted the Nurse of the Year Award 2019. She was celebrated for her expertise and compassion. She offers very good care to residents and is a true professional. She is organized, collaborates well with her colleagues and is well-liked by residents. Congratulations Marica!

Thank you to Actionmarguerite nurses who go beyond the call of duty every day and make a difference in residents’ lives!