2018 Nursing Excellence Award Recipients

Ann Williamson – Actionmarguerite St. Boniface Award Recipient
In July 1984, Ann Williamson started her career at Actionmarguerite. Ann has been recognized for her excellent work on 5ABC as well as on 3ABC and 4ABC. She was also part of the team who helped with the 1st Alzheimer’s unit to open in Manitoba. She is presently working on the Special Needs Unit and the Special Needs Behavioural Unit. She mentors a group of junior and senior nurses who all have a great amount of respect and admiration for her calm, profound and respectful leadership.
Actionmarguerite thanks Ann for being the great nurse that she is, but most importantly for the wonderful and compassionate human being that she is. Actionmarguerite is so grateful to have her on its team.

Rachid Marrakchi – Actionmarguerite St. Vital Award Recipient
Rachid joined our team as a Health Care Aide in December 2007. In March 2008, he became a nurse and has become a key contributor to resident care . We recognize Rachid as an excellent caring nurse, competent, engaged, patient and safety oriented. He also provides education and mentoring to assist health care aides. He goes the extra mile to assure the happiness, comfort and security to our residents.
Actionmarguerite thanks Rachid for being the great nurse that he is, but most importantly for the wonderful and compassionate human being that he is. Actionmarguerite is privileged to have him on its team.

Marcilynn Brouillette – Actionmarguerite St. Joseph Award Recipient
Marcilynn Brouillette has dedicated 26 years of her life to the care of her residents at Actionmarguerite St. Joseph. She delivers the best quality of heartfelt care, and does so with passion and commitment. The residents, staff and family members find her very approachable and are delighted when she is on the unit. It is natural for her to go beyond the call of duty. She upholds her nursing career with absolute professionalism and importance.
Actionmarguerite thanks Marcilynn for her hard work and dedication she affords the residents.